How it Started...

"Pyrofuse" was coined to bring together two concepts -- fire and the process of fusing elements together. 

Robert and Bobbi are a husband and wife team following their passions as they dream, enjoy, and create artwork separately and in collaboration. Clay, steel, glass, paper, and wax, they enjoy using a wide variety of mediums to express themselves.

The two first met in a ceramic class at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. Their passion for art has been woven through their relationship from the beginning. While Robert and Bobbi both have the same passion for art, their styles and interests are different, which adds richness to their conversations and individual work. 

One day, Bobbi might enter the living room and see Robert sitting in his easy chair surrounded by all manner of colored wire. “I thought I’d experiment,” he’d say. Or the next day, Robert would come around the corner and see Bobbi typing, eyes focused on the screen. “I thought I’d write a novel,” she’d say. 

So they give each other space to explore, write, craft, sculpt, draw, and create. This is Pyrofuse.