Robert Fox

“Art is a way I can express myself.  It stirs my emotions.”

“I strive for a job well done, a product I'm proud of.”

“I like to push the medium, the image, or myself in a way that makes me feel that I've gone a bit further with my abilities."

Robert Fox works in so many mediums, the list is too long for a comfortable sentence. He loves to experiment and share his work. Most recently he has become a master of tourchwork, sculpting glass images. For several years at the Oregon State Fair, Robert spent days demonstrating his technique to fair-goers…taking time to chat with each person curious about the art. He presently spends time at a wonderful co-op in downtown Silverton, Oregon with a group of other very talented artists.


Robert L. Fox

Salem, Oregon


Please visit these galleries which carry Fox’s work:

Glass House Studios - Seattle, WA

Gallerie Karon - Ashland, OR

Incahoots - McMinnville, OR

Lunaria Gallery- Silverton, OR

River Gallery - Independence, OR

Pendleton Center for the Arts, Pendledton, OR